About Us

'...the art world has become the new
movie business - it's the new cool.'

Stefan Simchowitz [1]

'Art in today's society has risen to become a new dominant culture, anchored like sport and showbiz in the system of international companies and the mass media.'

Harald Falckenberg [2]

From the players to the pundits, the consensus is firm: the art world is on the rise.

Leading museums stay open round the clock to accommodate blockbuster crowds. Audiences queue for hours to watch non-narrative art films. The tumbling of major auction records has become as regular as the seasons. Not only artists, but curators and art dealers are endowed with global celebrity status.


We've created ART.WORLD because we found that, in all this burgeoning activity, something was missing: a simple, effective way to discover great art experiences and keep track of everything that matters.

On The Road

If you know New York, that doesn't mean you won't be lost in London and Los Angeles, Berlin and Beijing. And what about Copenhagen and Kiev? Use ART.WORLD's exhibition guide wherever you go.

At Home

Follow the people and institutions you discover on the way. You'll find yourself knowing the art world inside out, without having to work for it. Soon, you're on top of everything, ahead of the game, seeing more of the art you want to see.


ART.WORLD a unified, global exhibition guide. Covering nearly 500 cities around the world, the site is loaded with years of historical data on the careers of artists & curators, museums & galleries.

The selection is not curated, and no editor has determined how these are presented. Instead, we process history and popularity algorithmically, to surface the most important shows happening, anywhere and everywhere.

If you're a registered user, everything connected to your personal interests comes first, so that wherever you go in the world, you can depend on ART.WORLD to get you to the stuff you wouldn't want to miss.


ART.WORLD was conceived in Vienna in the spring of 2014. We began assembling the data and developing our vision, a year later we incorporated as data ltd. Following a prototype launch in November 2015, our full service site and the first ART.WORLD app (iOS) was released. The latest version of the App, introducing the world’s first user-reviewed platform for exhibitions worldwide, was introduced in spring of 2017.


ART.WORLD is dedicated to providing our users with the tools to discover and build their own personal art world. We are working on new ways to use our art world data to gain insights into art history realtime, measure the cultural value of institutions and art world actors, and prevailing cultural trends.

To this end, we also offer institutions, artists and curators control over their ART.WORLD pages and content. We want to provide our users with a better way to understand the art world, while providing institutions a better way of understanding their visitors.

We encourage you to reach out to us with any feedback or requests at


ART.WORLD has executed successful partnerships with BAMPFA - Berkeley Art Museum, Art Dubai Fair 2017, Museum für Angewandte Kunst, and Kunsthalle Vienna. We welcome suggestions for institutional and media partnerships at

[1] Stefan Simchowitz, "Cultural Entrepreneur Stefan Simchowitz on the Merits of Flipping, and Being a 'Great Collector,'", 29 March, 2014

[2] Harald Falckenburg, "The art world we deserve?", Financial Times, 11 April, 2014

Image: Courtesy of Rainer Spangl and Song Song Gallery